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Featuring: Iñaki Etxepare (cello), Marta Roma (cello)
Reference. AYVA 048

It seems that the word huapango comes from the náhuatl cuauhpanco that literally means over the
wood platform; or, it could be a deformation of the word fandango that refers to the parties in which is played the huasteco son.

A few years ago some of Samuel Maynez’s manuscripts came to our hands during a Cello pedagogy course in Mexico D.C. Back in Europe, we very much liked those manuscripts and we
asked Samuel to keep on sending us his music. It was the beginning of a bounding and exciting
musical relationship.

When performing his music, both in Europe and Mexico, we had a great feedback from the audience. People were smiling after the concerts and that encouraged us to play and share Maynez’s music.

This CD has the triple attraction of being an audio, video and a set of 12 music sheets.

01 Huapango para Dos Violoncellos 2:23
02 Tango 3:02
03 Marchata 2:19
04 Elegía del Recuerdo 5:32
05 Danzón 1:40
06 Huapango 1:52
07 Danzón con un poco de Tango y Salsa 2:46
08 Minueto 3:19
09 Tema con Variaciones 3:41
10 Jarabe 1:55
11 Nocturno 4:11
12 Fandango 5:54

· Music Sheets - Manuscripts of Samuel Maynez
· Huapango - Videoclip 3:18