Aruán Ortiz
A former classically trained violist and pianist, Aruán Ortiz was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1973, and began his studies at the age of 8 at the Escuela Vocacional de Arte in his hometown. Continuing at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba, he was marked by the influence of Bach, Mozart, Paganini and Liszt among others. After receiving various awards as a violist (Amadeo Roldán award for Best Mozart Interpretation, 1991, Best Interpretation of Cuban Music, 1991), and playing as a soloist with the Santiago Symphony Orchestra in 1992, he gave up the viola at the age of 20 in favor of the piano, an instrument he had always preferred and with which he most identified in his search for new sounds. Following his heart, Aruán went on to study classical piano at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música in Santiago de Cuba. In 1995 he won Best Cuban Composition at the Symposium of Cuban Music, Jamaica, and soon thereafter he was discovered by the Spanish record label Magic Music/Universal Records, which brought him to Spain where he participated in La Isla de la Música (1996). This project assembled music from all over Cuba, was acclaimed by the international press, and was recognized as one of the first albums to bring Cuban music to the European and American mainstream.


Aruán Ortiz Trio Vol.1

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The history of this album began one day, some years ago, when my musical brother Francisco Mela Peter Slalov and I met at the Wonder Bar in Boston Massachussets. Since then through my musical affinity and friendship with Mela I discovered that the long road to learningto play jazz begins, but it never ends.

Influenced by my approach to musicians such as Theolonious Monk, Herbie Hancock, and Andrew Hill among others, during my pilgrimage through Europe I always attempted to find their sound, and tried-both in Barcelona and in Paris-to tempt musicians to join a project that I had already conceived with Mela and Peter.

On the other hand, upon meeting Pablo and Antonio Valero and discovering their company Ayva Music®, and their previous project with new cuban talent, I knew thst one way or another this projectwould come to light, even after various attempts in Barcelona and Paris-always under the auspices of Ayva Music®– during which I never was able to find the sound I dreamed of, in spite of the opportunities I had to play with extraordinary musicians who also believed in  my music.

Thanks to my return to Boston and to the always unconditional support of Ayva Music®, after many years and with all my spiritual and emotional energy, we have been able to realize this work made up of compositions inspired by experiences from Cuba to today, through my years in Reus, and full of the light of my beloved Laia and Coral.

This is the beginning of a search for a truth that in its essence can give us freedom, energy and above all a consciousness that in order to transmit the magic of music, we must love, believe and grow with what we do. For this reason I hope you enjoy the result of this project, that you make it your own, and that you find your mandarín en el espacio.

This album is dedicated to Dolores Duharte “la luz”.

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