Guillermo Calliero
Guillermo Calliero is a young trumpet player born in Santa Fe, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. After getting himself a well-known name in Buenos Aire’s scene and having gotten the highest awards back in his home country, he moved to Barcelona in the year 2006. Since in Barcelona he has become an indispensable sideman in many of the jazz music adventures that have emerge from there. “Barcelona hora cero” is his second recording and Calliero shows his taste for a high-quality commercial jazz that does not forget his Argentinian roots, using sounds and instruments from his country’s folklore. Guillermo covers different visions of Argentinian music with songs signed by Gardel “Por una cabeza”, or “La Arenosa” from Chuchi Leguizamón as well as the bonus songs “Solo se trata de vivir” from Litto Nebbia and one of the two compositions that Guillermo himself signs “Candombeao” adding Argentinian drums


Barcelona Hora Cero

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My objetive as artistic producer was to be able to highlight Guillermo´s most valuable and unique traits as a trumpet player.

One of his most notorious qualities is his round and big sound, that sometimes can seem that we are listening to a flugel horn instead of a trumpet. His strong melodic vocation makes him end up finding beauty at the end of any improvisation he journeys into. He has a strong influence from his Argentinian roots, such as Tango and Folklore, as well as being greatly influenced by one of his mentors, the legendary Argentinian trumpet player Fats Fernández.

I feel very proud and fortunate to have been a part of this unforgettable music experience surrounded by Friends which I hope you enjoy.

José Reinoso

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