Iñaki Sandoval
Born in Pamplona in 1974, this pianist has a notable and elegant skill. He has burst into the jazz scene with a brilliant album that emerges from the most contemporary canons in modern trio jazz: Sausolito. In an exhibition full of melodic lyricism and a wise selection of harmony, tempo and music breathing , Iñaki Sandoval’s discourse manages to transmit with clarity the open and varied music motives that can be felt in each one of the songs in this record. With two excellent accompanists, Horacio Fumero playing the counter bass and Peer Wyboris in the drums, the trio’s display of freedom and musical coexistence results into something compact, nice and profoundly communicative, unifiying slow, medium, and fast rhythms paired up with musical expression and beauty.



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Is the first CD of the pianist Iñaki Sandoval, with the company of Horacio Fumero at the counterbass and Peer Wyboris in the drums.

The record includes original compositions and versions of two well-known jazz standards: “Round Midnight” and “My one and only love”, as well as “Smilin’ eyes”, a beautiful song of Swedish pianist Stefan Karlsson.

The result is a record of open and suggestive songs, that serves as a starting point for the three musicians to talk at the same level. Horacio’s melodic lines coexist perfectly with the piano. On the background, Peer’s brushes stand out for his incomparable style and sound.

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After the big success of “Sausolito”, his first album as leader

Iñaki Sandoval presents “Usaquén”, his new album recorded with his stable trio, featuring Horacio Fumero on bass and David Xirgu on drums.

Iñaki Sandoval has become in recent years as one of the most important Spanish jazz pianists. The critics highlight his transparent and impeccable technique, combining the traditional language of jazz with a contemporary personal style of writing.

The trío sounds powerful and virtuous in up tempos and amalgam metrics, without sacrificing lyricism and beauty on the ballads, leaving also space for the showcasing of the three individual jazzmen.

All the songs from “Usaquén” are original compositions, including two songs written by bassist Horacio Fumero. Out of the 14 tracks of the CD, of generous length (69 minutes), we can highlight tracks as “Hotel Existence”, “Usaquén”, “Alejo’s Pub” or “Peewy”, dedicated to the memory of Peer Wyboris, who played drums in “Sausolito”, and died a few days after this recording was made. The CD edition contains two bonus tracks: a new version of “Luna Llena” and a piano solo version of “Usaquén”.

A first class record that will make a big impact this season!

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